Bustang by Myron, Post 4

Bustang by Myron, Post 4

Post 4 – The Secret is Out

Myron works for WSP as a Senior Supervising Planner.  Myron commutes by Bustang from Fort Collins every day, and kindly agreed to write about his experiences for a series of blog posts.  Read them in order starting with Post 1 – Hi, I am >BUZZ< and I ride a bus.

In general, other than a few people with personal space needs that match their egos, everyone is nice about sharing seats.

I wrote in post #3 that I don’t get my favorite seat or a pair of seats to myself as frequent now that more people are riding Bustang.  Other riders comment that it’s a bad and good thing.  Bad there isn’t as much room, good because with increased ridership CDOT is more likely to keep Bustang going.  As I overheard one man put it, “The secret is out”.  So how’s it working now with more riders?

The first riders get their pick of seats. People loading in Fort Collins for the south bound trip or at the Bus Center for north bound usually get their favorite seat, followed by the first people in line at Loveland or DUS (which are my loading spots).  Then it’s a game of the sitters protecting their personal space versus the remaining riders looking for an empty seat.

There are various strategies employed to keep two seats to yourself and some of the riders have perfected their moves.  There is the “mobile office” routine, where you spread out all your papers, computer, briefcase, purse, jacket, breakfast, lunch, and coffee-maker so that no one dare ask you to move your belongings.   A technique people perfected during their childhood is the “Don’t look at me, I’m sleeping” routine.  Various refinements can make this move your own, be it sunglasses, cap pulled down, or the king of all moves, slobbering just a little bit.  These “sleepers” aren’t fooling anyone because it’s a short ride from one pickup spot to the other and very few people fall asleep that quick, especially the ones you saw at the front of the line just seconds earlier.  Or you can use what works for me – look like a talker.

In general, other than a few people with personal space needs that match their egos, everyone is nice about sharing seats. Mondays and Tuesdays seem to be the most crowded; sometimes there are less than five empty seats.  If I’m at the back of the line I worry the bus will fill and I’ll have to wait for the next one because Bustang does not allow standers.

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Did You Know?

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