144th FlexRide Gives Peace of Mind

144th FlexRide Gives Peace of Mind

Kendra worked for Amazon DEN3 in Thornton. During the months of May and June, through a partnership with the Denver Regional Mobility and Access Council, Kendra received several Uber Vouchers, allowing her to continue getting to work while RTD’s services were limited under the COVID service plan.  Kendra shares her experience below, and the support she received due to the 144th and Wagon Road FlexRide and it’s program manager, Jeanne.

The peace of mind of knowing I was saving money added up to a lot as well.

When I was working at Amazon, the 144th FlexRide schedule made getting to and from work more affordable and was reliable. If not for the shuttle, I would have had to walk some miles or else call for a cab/shared ride service every day. This would have probably added up to over an hour of my pay at work. Timeliness may have been impacted because cab/shared ride services are not guaranteed to be available as needed. To the extent I would have made up for that by leaving early and the like, I would have ended up with less time between shifts and therefore my overall recovery would have been impacted, especially day over day. So in addition to immediate day to day impact, I imagine there being larger long term negative consequences. The peace of mind of knowing I was saving money added up to a lot as well.

On Sundays, when there was no 144th FlexRide bus, I used the free Uber Vouchers. As I was commuting from Denver, this made a huge difference, saving me $50 every Sunday. There was no other option for transportation on these days. That being said, Uber was very unreliable on Sunday as well. On some Sundays, I waited an hour plus for an Uber. So having some other reliable public transportation on Sundays would be ideal. For me, Uber was not necessarily preferable to public transportation, but was a good back-up. The free rides benefited me in the situations public transportation was not available.

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