Bike and Walk

Bike and Walk

Why try biking or walking?

Biking and walking are becoming more popular ways in Colorado as an alternative to driving. New data shows that it doesn’t take large reductions in driving to see major improvements in traffic flow. Also, it’s a healthy way to commute.

Within Smart Commute’s 300+ square miles of org . You can find walking and biking trails that connect you from Point A to Point B!



Smart Cycling Tips: Everything from how to fit a helmet to on-the-road tips, the League of American Bicyclists has a great one-stop shop for all your questions.

❄Winter Bicycling Tips: Check out some tips for biking in the winter.

Pedestrian and Bicycling Information Center: With everything from safety tips to local activism, this is a thorough resource compiled by the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Bike Safety: Mountain Biking Guide from Tower Electric Bikes: This resource webpage includes information on helmets, equipment, maintenance, and safety/courtesy tips for mountain biking. (Thanks to contributor Hannah for sharing this resource!)

Bicycle Colorado’s Rules of the Road: Before your ride, know your rights and responsibilities under Colorado law.

Pedestrian Information: Everyone, at some point in their trip, is a pedestrian — and pedestrians are the most vulnerable users of the transportation system. CDOT’s Bicycle and Pedestrian program includes information important for everyone to know. 

Safe Routes to School: If you are interested in learning more about how to bring biking and walking programs to your child’s school, check out the Colorado Department of Transportation’s SRTS program page.

Bike to Work Day: In Colorado, Bike to Work Day is celebrated on the fourth Wednesday in June. If you are interested in trying a bike commute, this is a great day to start. Interested in getting your employer involved?  Curious about organizing a breakfast station or afternoon water station? This page will help guide you through the planning process.

Bikes and RTD: Interested in combining biking with RTD? Check out RTD’s Bike-n-Ride page, which provides detailed information about how to bring your bike on bus/rail and bike locker options at many stations across the region.


Plan to Bike to Work!

Research Your Route: My Way to Go is a one-stop shop for commute information. You can see what your bike route would look like compared to riding transit or finding a carpool partner.

Detailed Route Research: Bicycle Colorado has complied links for bicycle map and trail information for many jurisdictions. You can find information for your area on this easy-to-search page.

Route Itinerary Planner:  Once you have a good idea of the trails and bike routes available to you, you can use Google Maps to create your turn-by-turn itinerary. Simply enter your work address, turn on the navigator, and enter your home address. Once Google has built your driving itinerary, you can click on the “bike” icon tab to convert the itinerary to a bike route.


Stories from Commuters

In Colorado, there are a lot of inspiring stories from commuters.  Keep an eye on our Stories from Commuters page to see personal accounts from real-life bike commuters. If you are interested in contributing your own commute story, contact us!