Bike to Work Day

Bike to Work Day

Interested in participating in Bike to Work Day?  This is a fantastic regional event, and there are many ways to be involved – as an individual, business, volunteer, or community.

Register for Bike to Work Day today!

Bike Today for a Better Tomorrow”


  1. Register for Bike to Work Day! Wondering why? Check out the FAQs on the regional event page
  2. Recruit others with some promotional templates you can use on social media
  3. Become a Business Coordinator and register your workplace to compete in the Business Challenge


  1. Identify a Company Coordinator and Register Your Company
  2. Promote Bike to Work Day to your workplace with our toolkit for support
  3. Sponsor or donate to Smart Commute’s north metro breakfast and afternoon stations, or Organize Your Own Station


  1. Connect with a near-by station to help with planning and promotion
  2. Organize a group ride
  3. Promote Bike to Work Day in your community


  1. Work with your Parks Department, Fire and Rescue, or other departments to organize a Water Station in the afternoon
  2. Promote Bike to Work Day in your communications using our templates for resident newsletters, Nextdoor and Facebook, Channel 8, etc.
  3. Provide bike maps and materials to Bike to Work Day Stations in your area – Smart Commute can help you to coordinate with station organizers

Need help with any of this?  Contact Smart Commute.