Bike to Work Day – Coordinator Tools

Bike to Work Day – Coordinator Tools

Below are some TOOLS to help company coordinators promote Bike to Work Day in their workplaces.
Note – many of these promotional tools could be used by Individuals, Volunteers, and Communities. Please feel free to use any of this material, and edit for your specific needs.

Bike to Work Day Company Coordinator Toolkit – this includes a dozen ideas, from easy to challenging, for promoting Bike to Work Day within the workplace. Many of the specific materials are also available for download below.

Bike to Work Day Poster – ready-to-print at full 11×17 dimensions, or  smaller, cubicle-friendly sizes. These are an eye-catching, and a super-easy way to start promoting Bike to Work Day. (Note – if you’re into co-branding, the Materials Page on the Bike to Work Day website has artwork available that you can use to create your own poster or flyer).

Send out an email – Email is an easy and effective way to spread the word about Bike to Work Day, because you can hyperlink directly to the registration page.  We’ve created a short, pre-written template, and a longer, newsletter-style template for easy use.

Add a Bike to Work Day “ad” to your email signature, or your company intranet use these great pre-designed graphics, and link the “ad” to the Bike to Work Day website for easy registration (scroll down to view a variety of sizes).

Host a presentation at your office – Smart Commute has a pre-built PowerPoint presentation that is easy to present and is customizable (just import it into your branded company template). Or, if you are interested, invite us to present on Bike to Work Day to your office.

Secure bike parking – if you are concerned about parking bikes, you can order event fencing (doubles as a bike rack) from an event company, or build your own bike racks for $25 with this guide from Northeast Transportation Connections.

Celebrate with everyone on Bike to Work Day – consider scheduling a sharing/awards ceremony on Bike to Work Day, which is a great way to highlight the event, praise the intrepid, and involve coworkers who didn’t bike this year. We have a guide/model presentation you can use to facilitate this event in your office.

Buy, or commission, t-shirts – t-shirts are a great way to promote the event, and incentivize sign-ups. Pre-designed t-shirts are available for purchase, or, if you have a preferred vendor, you can use the Bike to Work Day artwork to commission your own.

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