Bike to Summer

Bike to Summer

From morning to moonlight, use your bike to get anywhere and everywhere this summer

What is Bike to Summer?

Smart Commute’s Bike to Summer is about getting anywhere and everywhere by bike this summer, morning to moonlight, anytime and every time: bike alone, bike your neighborhood, bike with friends, bike with kids, bike anywhere! With monthly themes, you can find you

r tribe and connect with others at small, local outdoor events this summer. In addition to in-person events, on-demand challenges and virtual rides will allow you to stay separate while still engaging. 

How do I get involved?

First and foremost, just go bike this summer in the metro north area! Smart Commute will host, co-host, and promote all north metro biking events throughout the summer, starting in May, so check back soon for more details! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and use the hashtag #biketosummer to follow along on all with the action. 


September Theme: “I Bike to work”

During the month of September, Smart Commute’s Bike to Summer campaign is featuring activities and events that are perfect for biking to work as we celebrate the return of in-person Bike to Work Day on 9/22.




Featured Event: Bike to Work Day

On Wednesday, September 22 we’re getting back in the saddle to celebrate the return of Bike to Work Day! Learn more and find a station near you by visiting the official Bike to Work Day website here.









Featured Independent Challenges:
“Biking Wish” Jamboard & “Build a Bike Map”

Want to participate in the fun virtually? Take a moment to provide your “Wish for Biking” in the north area.  Comments can be added to the “Build a Bike Map” Jamboard, under “My Biking Wish” on the first page.

Have more specific feedback on biking in your area? Give ground-level feedback to our “Build a Bike Map” collaboration board.  Identical to our boards for in-person events, use the bike map base to draw and make comments.

Find both feedback opportunities here! 

Upcoming Bike-Friendly Events and Activities: 

September 20: Brighton Full Moon Bike Ride 

September 20:  Northglenn Full Moon Bike Ride 

September 22: Bike to Work Day

October 20:  Northglenn Full Moon Bike Ride 


Looking for Bike to Work Day Information specifically? Visit our page here

Have questions about Bike to Summer? Reach out to Carson to learn more!