Great Local Bike Trails to Try Over Spring Break

Great Local Bike Trails to Try Over Spring Break

Great Local Bike Trails to Try Over Spring Break


Admit it: Even if you’re not a student, a teacher, or school staff, you’ve been looking forward to spring break week. Although you might not have any time off, this week we’re all free to enjoy a little more sunshine and fresh air. And what better way to escape into spring than on a refreshing bike ride?


The north metro region has plenty to offer for bike riders looking for either an exciting trail challenge or a family-friendly outing. Now that spring has officially begun, locals across the region will be pumping up their tires, sliding on their helmets, and hitting the trails. (Of course, it’s possible that the traditional March blizzard could still hit us—although, looking at the forecast, that seems unlikely.)


So go for a ride. Enjoy an early morning escape or an afternoon adventure. You’ll probably find yourself hooked after a week of nice-n’-easy riding. In that case, why not try biking a little more during the regular work week?


You’ll likely discover that these trails connect you to more places across the metro area than you realized. And choosing a bike commute over a slow drive in traffic once a week could make for a much more pleasant work week, especially as the days grow longer and warmer.


For now, take the opportunity to try out these top-notch bike trails in the metro area (listed in no particular order):


South Platte River Trail

One of the more iconic trails connecting the north metro to downtown Denver, the South Platte River Trail follows the river through the city’s urban landscape against the mountainous backdrop. It connects with a number of trails and offers access through Denver as far south as Chatfield State Park. You can enter the trail at a number of places, including the Platte River Trailhead Park at Colorado Boulevard.


Big Dry Creek Trail

The Big Dry Creek Trail passes through Westminster’s neighborhoods, parks, and open space with plenty of connections to recreational sites and shopping areas, too. Connect with the trail at Standley Lake Park or at the Westminster Rec Center (104th & Sheridan).


Little Dry Creek Trail

The Little Dry Creek Trail runs through Arvada and Westminster with a direct connection to the Clear Creek Trail. This route passes through neighborhoods and open space with some on-street stretches. Join the trail at Wolff Run Park (76th Ave & Sheridan) or Thompson Elementary School (Harlan St. & 78th Place).


Clear Creek Trail

Running between metro Denver to Golden, the Clear Creek Trail runs for 20 miles along a handful of small lakes and natural habitat. The route connects with a few other trails, including the South Platte River Trail and the Little Dry Creek Trail. You can enter the trail at Clear Creek Canyon Road, Prospect Park, Creekside Park, or Anderson Park.


Farmers’ High Line Canal Trail

Connecting Northglenn, Thornton, and Westminster, the Farmer’s High Line Canal Trail is a great connector between numerous parks, schools, shopping areas, and other trails. It’s a good route for the commute, too! Join this trail at E.B. Rains Jr. Memorial Park, Northwest Open Space, Westminster City Park, or Kings Mill Park.



Go on—give one of these routes a try. Now’s the perfect time. And if you want to keep exploring the trails for your weekly commute, Smart Commute can help. May the trails bring you a healthy, enjoyable spring break experience!


And mark your calendar!

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