5 Ways to Get Freebies through I Drive I-25

5 Ways to Get Freebies through I Drive I-25

5 Ways to Get Freebies through I Drive I-25


I Drive I-25 Commuter Rewards. You’ve seen the signs advertising it on the side of the highway — but what exactly is I Drive I-25 all about?


All week long, thousands of commuters like you trek along north I-25. On any given day, you’ll spend an extra forty minutes (or more) sitting stagnant throughout the morning’s regular slowdown and crawling through the evening’s dreaded rush hour.


As you’re trapped, once again, in deadlock traffic, you can see others cruising down the HOV/Express Lane — gliding downtown in buses, passing by in carpools, making great time and avoiding all the headache. What if you could do that?


Better yet, what if you could do that AND get free rewards for it?


Well, you can.


Introducing the I Drive I-25 Commuter Rewards program. Originally started to help reduce congestion and improve traffic flow during ongoing construction on north I-25, this program offers rewarding benefits for those who have to use I-25 between Northwest Parkway and 120th Avenue at any point on their commute.


What kind of benefits? Other than helping you escape traffic and reduce pollution, Smart Commute Metro North provides incentives to I Drive I-25 participants who want to try smarter commute options.


In plain English: If you choose to leave your solo drive behind in favor of transit, carpool, or vanpool, we’ll spot you. You can try these commute options for free or receive rewards in return.


No, we’re not kidding: It’s on us. 100% gratis. No asterisk included.


Apply right now on the Smart Commute website to see whether your commute is eligible. If you qualify, here are five ways to get freebies through I Drive I-25.


1. Start a carpool.

Get two other people to ride with you for your commute, even if it’s just once a week. You’ll get to use the HOV lane for free while saving on gas and wear-n’-tear on your vehicle. And if you keep it up, you and each of your carpool partners can receive up to $75 in reward bonuses through I Drive I-25.

Try our tips for how to start a carpool.

2. Join an existing carpool.

There are plenty of two-person carpools looking for a third person to join them. Smart Commute can help set you up with existing carpools — and if you give it a try through I Drive I-25, you and your carpool buddies can each earn up to $75 in reward bonuses.

3. Give vanpool a go.

Vanpool: It’s like carpool, but you don’t have to worry about your own car at all. Instead, share the driving in a van that receives professional fleet service/maintenance. When you’re riding, you can work on your projects, listen to music, catch up on your reading list, or get some extra ZZZs. Through I Drive I-25, if you fill a vanpool seat, you’ll get a $40 reward bonus.

4. Ride RTD.

Forget driving solo and paying out the nose for parking; RTD is a convenient alternative with bus/rail service running 365 days a year. If you’d like to participate in I Drive I-25 by trying the bus or light rail, we’ll spot you a free 10Ride Regional ticket book for RTD. Smart Commute can even help advise you on the likeliest routes for you based on your starting point and destination.

Not sure about riding RTD? Check out RTD’s nifty How to Ride Guides.

5. Try the Bustang.

The Bustang: It’s quite possibly the best thing to hit northern Colorado since local breweries. If you’re commuting to downtown Denver from the Fort Collins/Greeley/Loveland area (or vice versa), you can ride the Bustang nonstop along I-25 on a comfortable coach-style bus. If you sign up through I Drive I-25, you can get free roundtrip tickets to give the Bustang a shot.


Let’s face it: Traffic along north I-25 is not getting better anytime soon. This is your opportunity to give a smarter commute option a try without any cost to you.


Fill out the I Drive I-25 eligibility form to get started. Stop choking on exhaust fumes in an endless sea of red tail lights and ride easy on us.