Bustang by Myron, Post 1

Bustang by Myron, Post 1

Post 1 – Hi, I am >BUZZ< and I ride a bus.

Myron works for WSP as a Senior Supervising Planner.  Myron commutes by Bustang from Fort Collins every day, and kindly agreed to write about his experiences for a series of blog posts.  Have a question for Myron?  Smart Commute would be happy to route you to him, just shoot us a line.

I assume Smart Commute asked me to write because I was that traditional “highway guy” who is now a frequent Bustang rider.

Hi, I am (bzzzz) and I ride a bus.  Words to be spoken with bad backlighting, voice modification, and soft focus usually reserved for an elder Kardashian.  At least that was my impression growing up in small town Colorado. Buses and their riders resided in the big cities, smog filled and smoky as thousands trudged to work in the factories to come back out blackened and smelly for the crowded ride home with loud Ralph Kramden at the wheel.   Rob Petrie rode the train, and others like him used this more sophisticated form of travel going from the suburbs into their white collar jobs in high rises. After all, before the internet all truths came from TV sitcoms.  Right?


The 6:30 AM (!) Bustang Ribbon Cutting

So not only did I have this small town perception of transit, I started with CDOT when it was the Department of Highways (CDOH).  Raised within the confines of CDOH and then CDOT, my brethren were engineers, maintenance workers, surveyors, and others whose goal WAS to build and maintain the state highway system.  Note the caps on WAS, because over last few years at CDOT I noticed a change and am I glad for that now.  The FASTER legislation and the creation of CDOT’s Division of Transit and Rail (DTR) resulted in CDOT becoming a transit operator and starting the Bustang.   I still remember Johnny Olson cussing me for dragging him to a 6:30 am Bustang ribbon cutting at the Harmony Park and Ride, and then watching as two people climbed aboard the bus that first day.  There are a few more riders now.

bustang1These are some of the thoughts that crossed my mind when Karen asked me to write a blog about my transit commuting experiences.   I assumed she asked me because I was that traditional “highway guy” who is now a frequent Bustang rider, and for a couple of miles a day, a pedestrian. There is that reason, but I think she knew I couldn’t pass up the chance to stay connected with Smart Commute Metro North and NATA.   Karen wants me to write about my real day-to-day experiences. As proud as I am of CDOT and the Bustang service, this will not be an advertisement for them.  There are good things and bad.  I will write about both.

So what is it like riding Bustang?  How easy is it to buy tickets?  What do I do when I need a car, and what other services am I using since I am carless in downtown Denver?  How do the different services compare and who are the people I meet? All this and more, coming to you via 400~600 word blogs over the next few months.

Happy riding,


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