Bustang by Myron, Post 3

Bustang by Myron, Post 3

Post 3 – “Those Eyes”

Myron works for WSP as a Senior Supervising Planner.  Myron commutes by Bustang from Fort Collins every day, and kindly agreed to write about his experiences for a series of blog posts.  Read them in order starting with Post 1 – Hi, I am >BUZZ< and I ride a bus.

Initially, back in January, I usually got my favorite seat or at least a pair of seats to myself.  Now with the increase in ridership, that may happen about 50% of the time.

“Whooa, what are you doing?  Stand behind the line while the bus is in motion.”  One of many quips from the safety video that each and every long-time rider can recite from memory, if not the entire clip.  It was funny the first ten times, watching the stereotypical dorky momma’s boy and the wide eyed, semi-goth cool gal dream their way through a safety monologue delivered by the cross of an over-caffeinated TV pitch man and Pauly Shore.  Valley, with an urgency that has me dialing 1-800 for the latest bus safety gadget.  “Duuude, no talking to the driver while he’s driving.”

Like I said, funny the first ten times.  I still see it twice every day, but like watching a stewardess pointing to the exits, I really don’t pay attention anymore.  Oh, but those eyes… (For the female readers, that is quite a cardigan the guy is wearing).  Here is a link to the video, it really is cleverly done:

Finding routine is really human nature, and I have settled into my commuting routine.  And judging from the regulars I see sitting in their self-assigned seats every day I am not the only one.  I’m sure we all have our reasons for having a favorite seat, I know I have mine.  But I’m not going to tell you because once known I would never get my seat again.  Said me and every other regular with a favorite seat.  Initially, back in January, I usually got my favorite seat or at least a pair of seats to myself.  Now with the increase in ridership, that may happen about 50% of the time.  More on that later.

My routine now includes loading tickets onto my phone via the Bustang app.  I purchase a 40 ride pass and the application tracks the number of uses, very handy.  It saves me $4.50 / day / round-trip compared to buying full fair, one-time use passes.  The only issue I have is my pre-tax commuter account administrator’s credit card does not accept Ace Express (CDOT’s operator) as an eligible transit vendor. I use my personal card, print the receipt, and fax in a claim form every month.  A real pain because no one uses faxes anymore; our phones at work are VOIP without a hard-wired phone line, all I have at home are cell phones, and did I mention no one uses faxes anymore?  But that is a rant for a different audience.

A word of caution for others who use or are thinking of using the app.  Tickets are downloaded to your phone and do not reside in the system.  I know at least two riders that carried old phones while using up their remaining passes.  I don’t know what would happen if you trade-in your old phone or it quits working.  So if you are going to drop your phone in the toilet, make sure you to use all your passes first!

So that’s the first couple of minutes of each routine trip, leaving 45 to 60 minutes until we reach our next stop.

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Did You Know?

Smart Commute can over the cost of your first Bustang Trip if you are currently driving solo on a portion of I-25 – check out our I Drive I-25 Program!