What do I need to know about carpooling?

Carpooling is both the simplest and the most challenging option for commuting. Carpooling is simple in that it replicates the advantages of a solo-drive commute: you use a car, you choose your route and schedule to get to work. But carpooling is also challenging because it requires two or more people to collaborate to share a commute.


Commute Calculator:  With carpooling, splitting the burden of driving is a great way to lower commute expenses and reduce wear and tear on your own vehicle. How much does your driving commute cost? Add a few figures to this online commute calculator to see how much you’re likely paying to drive to work.

Switchable HOV Transponder: If you plan to carpool on I-25, you can get a Switchable HOV Transponder to use the ExpressLane for free.

HOV-3: As of January 2017, vehicles using the ExpressLane for free as an HOV vehicle will require three people (a.k.a., HOV-3). Learn more about HOV-3 from CDOT’s FAQs.

How to Find a Carpool Partner:

Haven’t carpooled before?  Use our very simple guide as a way to think through the process.

  1. Find a carpool partner online: My Way to Go is a one-stop shop for regional commute information. From the homepage, you can see whether you have a carpool match; with an account, you can post your own carpool request in the system. You can also  compare what your transit and bike routes look like, too.
  2. Post to a social site:  If you are on social media, post that you are looking for a carpool partner. You might be able to connect to a friend or a friend-of-a-friend through your network. You can also use sites like Craig’s list and Next Door to look for a possible carpool partner (but be sure to arrange a meeting first to exchange actual information beyond the basic inquiry).
  3. Print out and post a flyer:  Add your carpool details to a flyer and post it around your office, your building, and other places close to where you live or work. You can find an editable, printable carpool flyer template here.


Today, it’s can be a challenge to juggle your child’s ride to and from school against your busy schedule. Working with participating schools, Schoolpool makes it easier by helping students and parents form school-related carpools. Contact us to learn how your school can participate.

Guaranteed Ride Home

Guaranteed Ride Home is a service employers can offer employees for a small fee. For commuting employees who walk, bike, use transit, carpool, or vanpool to work, Guaranteed Ride Home grants peace of mind by providing a free taxi ride home to employees in case they need to leave work for a personal emergency. Contact us for more information about this program.