DRMAC Resources

DRMAC Resources

Smart Commute is proud to have a reciprocal partnership with the Denver Regional Mobility & Access Council (DRMAC). This organization tackles mobility challenges for residents in the greater Denver area. Their service extends to older adults, people with disabilities and people with low incomes. DRMAC offers many programs and activities to bridge the gaps in current transit needs, existing services, and coordination for future improvements.




Getting There Guide *and new app!*

One of Smart Commute’s go-to resources for metro north residents is DRMAC’s “Getting There Guide.” This is a comprehensive collection of transportation options, schedules, costs, and contact information. The guide is available for free from DRMAC’s website. As a part of the Getting There Guide program, DRMAC has recently released a new Getting There App, available for download on the App and Google Play stores.



Get the Guide





Getting There Travel Training Introduction

Interested in learning more about how to use mobility services around the region? Attend one of DRMAC’s new Getting There Travel Training Introduction sessions.