Employer Services

Employer Services

Smart Commute can help make your employees smart commuters.

Smart commuters are more productive, less stressed, and save their hard-earned dollars.

Smart Commute provides employers like you with expert assistance to help you better understand where your employees come from, how they get to work and what their commuter program interests are. Our assistance falls into three categories: Analysis, Education, and Support.

Best of all, our employer services are FREE! Smart Commute is the Way to Go program provider to the north metro, and our services are available at no cost as a result.

Contact Karen Stuart at 303-453-8513 or by email to talk about programs for your office.


Analysis, Education, Support



Smart Commute advises companies to take a tactical approach to commuter education and the development of successful commuter programs — and that begins with analysis. Your organization has unique needs, and your time is valuable. With Smart Commute’s expert assistance, we can identify basic actions that will have an impact on your workforce.

Discovery Meeting. A 30-minute conversation with Smart Commute is a great place to begin. Call Karen Stuart at 303-453-8513 to get started.

Commuter Survey. Email-based distribution combined with some powerful data makes this the most effective way to start when evaluating a commuter program.

Commute Visualization Map. This is a geo-spatial tool (aka “scatter-map”) for visualizing where your employees commute from and how many have access to transit, vanpooling, bicycling, or other ways to get to work.



Smart Commute can provide employees with accurate, relevant, and expert information regarding commuting — including insight about projects directly impacting their commutes, like I-25 Express Lanes and the North Metro Rail Line.

Pre-Written Communication Materials. These are ready to send and formatted to fit your existing employee communications.

Commuter Presentations and Seminars. Smart Commute can come to your office and lead a presentation on a variety of commute-related topics. Seminars are a great way to answer a variety of employee questions and concerns.

Commuter Information Center. Smart Commute can help you to set up a commuter information center with information like RTD bus/rail schedules, bike and trail maps, and more.

On-Site Marketing. Smart Commute provides a variety of visual and attractive posters, flyers, and other graphic elements for use in your office.



Once you understand the needs of your commuting employees and are providing access to relevant information, the next step is to evaluate commuter programs for your organization. Smart Commute can offer advice to make sure the programs you are evaluating will be easy to implement and successful.

Pre-Tax Commuter Benefit Program. Federal law allows a pre-tax transit benefit of up to $255 per month to cover transit and vanpool expenses. Employees cannot access this benefit alone; they need their employers to establish a program. We can provide you with more information about this benefit.

RTD Pass Programs: EcoPass and FlexPass. RTD offers these two different employer pass programs. We can explain what they are, how they differ, help you understand which program might be a good fit for your organization.

Telework Policy and Pilot Projects. A telework policy protects your business by defining teleworking parameters for your employees and under what conditions they are permitted to telework. Smart Commute can also help your office with a pilot evaluation period to help quantify the value of teleworking to your business.

Compressed Work Week and Flexible Schedule Model Policy. We have a ready-to-use model policy for your office to help you define more flexible schedule guidelines.

Bike to Work Day. Smart Commute facilitates Bike to Work Day in the north metro. We can guide you through the process of sharing this event to make it a success at your office.

Go-Tober. Through this growing regional celebration of commuting during the month of October, Smart Commute helps support businesses in the north metro who compete in the challenge.

Carpool Preferential Parking. Smart Commute can provide you with parking signs to help you designate carpool or vanpool parking spots — a great way to reward employees who carpool and save your business parking spaces.

Bicycling Facilities. Smart Commute can provide examples and guidance to help you make your business more bike-friendly — including bike parking, showers, and an employee shared bike program.

Commuter Incentive Programs. If your company is evaluating commuter incentives, we can provide you with information about what other companies in the region do to reward commuters who bike, carpool, ride transit, vanpool, telework, or walk to work.

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