Eric P. says ‘Good Morning’ to many – #bikespiration

Eric P. says ‘Good Morning’ to many – #bikespiration

For Colorado Bike Month, Smart Commute is sharing short inspirations from real people about why they bike to work now, or why they biked to work at a previous position.

Today’s bike-spiration is from Eric P. who works at Morrell Printing Solutions, and loves the physical and community benefits of his bike commute.

“It’s just better! When I bike to work I arrive feeling like I’ve already accomplished something great and I haven’t yet started my day. I get much needed exercise, time to think about the day ahead and I get to feel the sun on my skin. All that, and I get to save a couple bucks on fuel!

My commute takes me on streets, through neighborhoods and on gravel trails – there’s so much to see, so much to smell, and so many “good mornings!” to have with other people. There is a texture that you just don’t get to experience when you drive.”

Eric crafted an excellent bike-haiku (bi-ku!) to share:

Ride my bike to work
Past those cars just standing still
Just can’t help but smile.