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The Every Trip Counts program encourages people to give up a minimum of two vehicle trips per week during the ozone pollution months- April through September.  The Every Trip Counts program is now a full-year program! The focus is on reducing vehicle trips because 25-35% of the pollutants that create ground level ozone are produced by on-road mobile sources such as cars and trucks.

And make sure to take part in ETC’s Mow Down Pollution program this summer – you can bring in and trade your old gasoline mower for a great deal on a brand new electric mower! Check out the details here.

The 2016 report is in – residents from the north metro reduced over 170,000 miles!  Read the entire report now!


  • Give up two car trips per week.
  • Track your environmental footprint using the OzoMeter.
  • Be eligible for random prize drawings for transit passes. 

Join online at www.everytripcounts.org


What is ground-level ozone pollution?

Why is ground-level ozone pollution bad?

Where do VOCs and NOx come from?

What can we do about ground-level ozone pollution?

The Every Trip Counts program is the result of a terrific partnership of regional partners including the Regional Air Quality Council, the Denver Regional Council of Government’s WayToGo program, and the Regional Transportation District – the transit company.

In addition to regional partners, local partners are at the the heart of the success of the program. Smart Commute Metro North is one of those partners.  

Questions about the Every Trip Counts program can be directed to: 

Sara Goodwin
Communications Director
Regional Air Quality Council
1445 Market Street, Suite 260 – Denver, CO 80202
303-629-5450 x220

Join today at www.everytripcounts.org