A Go-Tober Success Story from Imagine!

A Go-Tober Success Story from Imagine!

Interview with Karen K. and Haley M., Go-Tober Team Coordinators for Imagine! in Lafayette, Go-Tober Champion in the Neighborhood Ninjas category.

It was a very fun competition for Imagine!.  Some new work friendships were established as well as new commuting habits!  I really don’t know why a company wouldn’t participate. 

Imagine!, one of four Smart Commute companies participating in the 2017 Go-Tober challenge, took ownership of the Go-Tober challenge, producing unique internal communications (including video and social media) in addition to using all the provided Go-Tober communications and on-site marketing material.  As a result of this, Imagine! swept the competition in the Neighborhood Ninjas category, and were even featured by CBS4 for leading the challenge leaderboard.

Smart Commute wanted to learn more about Imagine!’s approach to this challenge, and how they were so successful.  Below is an interview with the Imagine! Team Coordinators, Karen and Haley.


Smart Commute:  Congratulations!  Your office really stepped up to the challenge of Go-Tober!  We worked closely with you during the competition and saw you take a lot of ownership of this challenge.  Can you explain a little bit behind why Go-Tober was a good fit as an office challenge?

Imagine!:  Go-Tober was a great fit because it was available to all employees, regardless of when or where they work.  Employees working weekends and nights can participate as fully as those working typical business hours.  Also, having all of the promotional materials and emails provided made it easy to communicate and build excitement.   

SC:  What mode of commuting (bike, bus, carpooling, teleworking, walking) is the most popular in your organization?  Why do you think it is so popular?

Imagine!:  Telecommuting was very popular.  We have some employees who telecommute on a regular basis, but many employees tried telecommuting for the first time during Go-Tober.   Telecommuting options are regularly discussed at Imagine!, so employees were aware that our culture supports it.   Go-Tober was a motivator for employees to consider telecommuting and remote meeting attendance for many.

SC:  We know that part of the reason you saw so much success and support at your organization is due to the participation of your executive team.  Can you share any insights for engaging with your executives around Go-Tober?

Imagine!:  We shared the Go-Tober information with the other Directors and let them know why we thought it was a worthwhile challenge for Imagine! (employee engagement, fits with our mission, didn’t cost us anything, and all employees could participate regardless of when or where they worked).   I specifically said that I believed it was something we should do, but that I would not move forward without support from each of them.  I let each person on our leadership team know what kind of support I expected of them.   It was important to me that I didn’t take this on without the full support from the rest of leadership.

SC:  If you could change one thing to make it even easier to commute to your locations, what would you change?

Imagine!:   Better transit options for some of our locations.  We have some locations that are not easily accessible by bus. 

SC:  What is one piece of advice you’d give to future Go-Tober company coordinators? 

Imagine!:  Get full support from leadership, then communicate to managers/supervisors how Go-Tober will benefit them and the company (employee engagement, positive press, etc).

SC:  Do you have any additional insights to share about Go-Tober, commuting, etc.?

Imagine!:  It was a very fun competition for Imagine!.  Some new work friendships were established as well as new commuting habits!  I really don’t know why a company wouldn’t participate.