Gold Line

Gold Line

The Gold Line is an 11-mile commuter rail line that travels between Union Station and Wheat Ridge, passing through northwest Denver, Adams County and Arvada.


Smart Commute’s G-Line Opening Celebration!

April 27, 2019


G-Line Project Milestones

· 1997: RTD began study of Gold Line to operate as rail transit

· 2000: Gold Line Major Investment Study completed

· 2004: RTD FasTracks Initiative approved by voters

· 2005: Three Corridors Scoping Study completed

· 2009: Gold Line EIS completed; FTA approved

· 2012: Construction began on the Gold Line

· 2015: Testing began

· 2019: Final testing and commissioning of G-Line


Where are the stops?

The G-Line begins at Union Station and makes its first stop northwest at 41st and Fox Station. The Line continues to Pecos Junction Station and Clear Creek & Federal Station before progressing on to Arvada at 60th Ave. & Sheridan at Arvada Gold Strike. The Line has further stops in Arvada in Olde Town and Arvada Ridge before reaching the end of the line at Wheat Ridge and Ward.