Gold Line

Gold Line

The Gold Line is an 11-mile commuter rail line that will travel between Union Station and Wheat Ridge, passing through northwest Denver, Adams County and Arvada.

Project Milestones

· 1997: RTD began study of Gold Line to operate as rail transit

· 2000: Gold Line Major Investment Study completed

· 2004: RTD FasTracks Initiative approved by voters

· 2005: Three Corridors Scoping Study completed

· 2009: Gold Line EIS completed; FTA approved

· 2012: Construction began on the Gold Line

· 2015: Testing began

Project Next-Steps

· 2019 – onward: Final testing and commissioning of G-Line

Where are the proposed stops?

The Gold Line will begin at Union Station and make its first stop northwest at 41st and Fox Station. The Line will continue to Pecos Junction and Clear Creek & Federal Stations before progressing on to Arvada at 60th Ave. & Sheridan at Arvada Gold Strike. The Line will have further stops in Arvada in Olde Town and Arvada Ridge before reaching the end of the line at Wheat Ridge and Ward.