Kristle T gets into the Numbers

Kristle T gets into the Numbers

Kristle works for Amazon DEN3 in Thornton. During the months of May and June, through a partnership with the Denver Regional Mobility and Access Council, Kristle received several Uber Vouchers, allowing her to continue getting to work while RTD’s services were limited under the COVID service plan.  Kristle shares her experience below, and the support she received due to the 144th and Wagon Road FlexRide and it’s program manager, Jeanne.

I am currently working a large part of my shift just to pay to get there and back.

I live in Denver and get to work at Amazon in Thornton by bus (my shift is Thursday to Monday). I usually like catching the 43 and the 12 to get to work, it’s more convenient because the bus stop is like one minute away from my home. I have also caught the 43 from Central Park Station where I catch the A Line to Union Station and then to the 120x before taking the 144th FLEX to work from Wagon Road. My commute means three or four different routes/transfers to get to work and back and makes for a long day.

Yes, I work on Sunday’s when the 144th FlexRide does not operate and I have to Uber round trip. There are also times during the week where I Uber so that I don’t spend so much time on the bus to work only, as it’s more convenient. Generally, in riding the bus anywhere I pay between $12 and $18 from Thursday to Monday. When I Uber on Sunday’s, sometimes the fares are higher than usual. It could be anywhere from $25 one way to $35 one way. If I take Uber during the week, it’s about $25-$30 as well.

I am currently working a large part of my shift just to pay to get there and back. Any discount will help all of us have better options on getting back and forth to work 7 days a week.

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