Linda E. remembers her daily bike commute fondly – #bikespiration

Linda E. remembers her daily bike commute fondly – #bikespiration

For Colorado Bike Month, Smart Commute is sharing short inspirations from real people about why they bike to work now, or why they biked to work at a previous position.

Today’s bike-spiration is from Linda E. who is with the Dept of Interior, and was a committed daily bike commuter at a previous position.

“When I lived and worked in Greenwood Village I biked to work all spring and summer for four years.  I loved it.  What a beautiful way to wake up in the morning!  The smells, the sights, the sounds.  The smell of fresh cool air after an evening of rain.  The beauty of the great Rocky Mountains as if looking at a painting.  The sounds of the birds suddenly waking up in the spring to a lovely chorus.  I was in the best shape of my life.  I still bike but only locally since I live in SE Aurora and work in downtown Denver.  What better place to bike than in Colorado with our 360 days of sunshine a year!”

Linda crafted an excellent bike-haiku (bi-ku!) to share:

Winter gone for good
Winter blues and rich food – poof!
Now I bike to get it right