Mission & Goals

Mission & Goals

Smart Commute Metro North is a new Transportation Management Organization founded in May 2012 by the twelve jurisdictions that are part of the North Area Transportation Alliance known as NATA. Smart Commute Metro North’ssservice is focused on the I-25 corridor north of I-70, but our interest and efforts include SH-7, US-85 and FasTracks North Metro Rail corridor.

We are a non-profit, public-private partnership made up of representatives from all the participating jurisdictions with private business owners, developers and residents who have made a commitment to advance multi–modal transportation solutions for the metro north area. Our membership is open to businesses, public organizations and individuals.


Smart Commute Metro North works with communities and businesses to promote transportation options and improvements, foster economic vitality and enhance mobility in the metro north region.

Smart Commute provides Transportation Demand Management (TDM) strategies with information and programs for commuting options like ridesharing and transit, and works with employers interested in providing teleworking and compressed work week programs.







Our Region

Our Board of Directors

Erik Hansen, Chair
North Area Transportation Alliance

Joyce Downing, Vice Chair
City of Northglenn

Bill Maestas, Treasurer
Maestas, Inc.

Heidi Williams
City of Thornton

Barry Gore
Adams County Economic Development

Ken Spangler

Larry Hoy

Angela Habben
Metro North Chamber of Commerce

Denny McCloskey
D&C Home Solutions

Jay Hardy