Nina N. is wary but supportive – #bikespiration

Nina N. is wary but supportive – #bikespiration

For Colorado Bike Month, Smart Commute is sharing short inspirations from real people about why they bike to work now, or why they biked to work at a previous position.

Today’s bike-spiration is from Nina N. who is with Tri-State Generation and Transmission, is concerned about her route to work, but remembers Bike to Work day fondly.

“I would love to ride my bike to work, but I do not have a safe route to follow. There are not trails that I can use. I would need to ride on very narrow secondary roads and there is a high volume of dump truck traffic. The truck drivers are not very considerate of bicyclists and I’ve had a couple of too close calls with large dump trucks.

I participated in my first Bike to Work Day several years ago. I lived in Longmont and worked in Boulder. I thoroughly enjoyed the morning ride. The air temperature was perfect and I had a safe ride to work. The afternoon ride home was more challenging. It was blazing hot and I road all the way home in a strong head-wind.

If I could find a safe route to ride my bike to work, I would do it more often. I cannot find a route that is bicycle friendly or safe.”