North Metro Rail Line

North Metro Rail Line

The North Metro Rail Line is an 18.5-mile-long commuter rail line that will run from Denver Union Station through Commerce City, Thornton, and Northglenn to 162nd Avenue in North Adams County. Due to delays, the North Metro Rail Line is now expected to open the first 13 miles to 124th Avenue in 2020, which will include seven stations and five new Park-n-Rides. 

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Project Milestones

  • September 2013: RTD receives four proposals from design/construction contractors.
  • November 26, 2013: RTD Board of Directors approves Regional Rail Partners (RRP) contract for design and construction from Denver Union Station (DUS) to 124th Ave., with the option to complete the project to 162nd Ave. as funds become available.
  • December 13, 2013: Contract with RRP was signed and Notice to Proceed (NTP) was issued.
  • March 21, 2014: Groundbreaking at Eastlake Station. Project started.
  • November 2014:  North Metro received rail delivery and completed tie-in work at Union Station.
  • 2015:  Removal of old track began and the first bridge of the project (North Metro Skyway bridge) under construction.
  • October 2018: All track work on alignment completed.
  • Mid-November 2018: Overhead Catenary wires completed.
  • 1st week of December 2018: Last signal house set.


Project Next-Steps (as of Dec. 2018)

  • January 2019: Catenary system goes “hot.”
  • March 2019: First train test scheduled.
  • Mid 2019: Substantial completion of the system integration.
  • September 2019: RRP’s final completion.
  • 2020: Revenue service starts!


What are the major ongoing construction projects?

  • Fiber installation
  • Signal house installation
  • Marion Street lowering
  • Overhead Catenary construction in NWSS area
  • Grading at 48th Street & Brighton Blvd, National Western Center Station
  • Sidewalks / Asphalt at Commerce City 72nd Avenue Station
  • Canopy painting at original Thornton 88th Avenue Station
  • 104th Avenue Station parking garage
  • Drainage work at Northglenn 112th Avenue Station
  • Punch-list at Eastlake 124th Avenue Station


Where are the proposed stops?

The North Metro Rail Line will begin at Denver Union Station, making its first stop at the National Western Stock Show. The Line continues on through Commerce City with a stop at 72nd Ave. From there it moves into Thornton, with stations at 88th Ave. and 104th Ave., then through Northglenn with a station at 112th Ave.. The Line goes back into Thornton for the 124th Avenue Station at Eastlake. The future Line will include stations at 144th Ave. and will end at SH 7/162nd Ave. as funding becomes available.


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(Information courtesy of RTD FasTracks)