Peter Muller talks about Automated Transit Networks

Peter Muller talks about Automated Transit Networks

Peter Muller, President of PRT Consulting, and one of Smart Commute’s expert speakers from our Transportation Forum, presented a concept for an Automated Transit Network in the north metro.  We invited Peter to flesh out his concept for our newsletter this month, and he took us up on the offer.  Below is a bit more information in Peter’s own words.  View Peter’s Transportation Forum Presentation, and the video he shared showing ATNs in action.

Last month I had the honor to present Automated Transit Network Options at the Smart Commute Forum. Automated Transit Networks (ATN) are comprised of small driverless vehicles traveling on dedicated guideways and are also known as Personal or Group Rapid Transit (PRT or GRT). They provide a high level of service characterized by:

  • Nonstop, seated travel
  • Short waiting times (typically under one minute)
  • Numerous stations (typically about one-half mile apart)

My presentation detailed:

  1. How ATN could be a less expensive alternative to the planned rail extension from 124th to Highway 7
  2. possible routing for an extension to Longmont
  3. a network of guide-ways and stations straddling I-25 all the way from 124th to Denver Union Station.

These three options provide driverless transit solutions to different communities. Although the audience at TransForum seemed to like them, it would be good for each community (or the combined communities) to decide if they prefer them to other options.

I would be happy to provide community leaders and stakeholders with more information. More importantly, I would enjoy facilitating a community workshop(s) to help educate the public and let them choose. If there is support for ATN, we can then work together to figure out how to make it happen. ATN systems are in operation in the US, UK, UAE and Korea. Why not in Colorado too?

Peter Muller, P.E.