Sam L. saw such city wake up – #bikespiration

Sam L. saw such city wake up – #bikespiration

For Colorado Bike Month, Smart Commute is sharing short inspirations from real people about why they bike to work now, or why they biked to work at a previous position.

Today’s bike-spiration is from Sam L. who is with AES Distributed Energy, and recommends ignoring your inner voice of doubt.

“I love biking to work, because it guarantees that I’ll have fun at least twice a day! I look now forward to my daily commute, and arrive at work more energized than if I drive. The biggest challenge is just making it a habit – ignore that little voice that says, “oh you could just drive…” and jump on the darn bike. Pretty soon that voice will be gone, and you’ll hear another one each morning, “time for our bike ride!””

Sam crafted an excellent bike-haiku (bi-ku!) to share:

Cloudy skies? All smiles –
No such thing as bad weather,
With your good rain gear