Smart Commute eBike Program

Smart Commute eBike Program

Smart Commute’s eBike program is a partnership between the Colorado Energy Office, Smart Commute Metro North, and Giant of Centennial Bike Shop and is designed to demonstrate that electric bikes (eBikes) are a safe, healthy, and convenient way to take essential trips around town. Program participants will receive an eBike and accessories including a helmet, pump, lock, and lights, at no cost. This program will run from June of 2021 through September of 2023, in two phases. 

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What’s an eBike?
An electric bicycle, also known as an eBike, is a bicycle with an integrated electric motor used to assist propulsion. There are various classes of eBikes, dependant on the power assistance provided. Smart Commute’s program uses Class I eBikes, which means they are pedal-assist only, with no throttle, and have a maximum assisted speed of 20mph.


eBikes sound great! What does this program look like?
Smart Commute’s program will launch two phases of participants, the first in June and the second anticipated this fall. Participants will receive an eBike and accessories on loan for 90 days to try eBiking and see if it is a good fit.  If after 90 days eBiking is working as a primary means of transportation, and the participant wants to actively remain in the program, the eBike and accessories become theirs!  If eBiking is not a good fit, the participant returns the eBike and accessories for another participant to try out.


Sounds too good to be true. What do I have to do to participate in this program?
A $250 refundable deposit is required, with limited scholarships available. Use your eBike to commute to work and for the majority of your around-town trips, secure and maintain your eBike properly, provide trip data and survey responses about your eBike trip experiences.


I see there are qualification requirements. Do I qualify?

  • Must make $30,864 or less annually.  There is some leeway for the income requirement, but needs State  approval.
  • Must live in Adams or Broomfield and work in Smart Commute’s service area.
  • Best to target employees living within a 10-mile radius of worksite.
  • Must be willing to use the eBike for commutes to work, and other trips around town.
  • Must be willing to actively record trip data using the NREL phone app.
  • $250 refundable deposit (10 participants’ deposits are covered by a grant through the Colorado Community Action Association).

I’d love to participate but have challenges riding an upright bike. Do you have options for me?
Yes, we can fit you with an adaptive cycle for special needs.


I’m interested! How do I get started?
Please reach out to Jeanne Shreve, Smart Commute’s eBike Program Manager, at, 720.263.0106.


I don’t live in Adams or Broomfield Counties. Are there other eBike programs for me?
There are other programs in Boulder, Denver, Durango, Fort Collins, and Pueblo.  If you are interested in eBikes and live or work in one of these communities, drop us a note and we’ll connect you!



Fill out the application – hurry only 35 spots available!


Employers, need a flyer about the program for your employees?
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Smart Commute’s Title VI Policy


eBike Flyer for Businesses


eBike Flyer for Local Agencies