Stephen P. trades a short commute for a long one – #bikespiration

Stephen P. trades a short commute for a long one – #bikespiration

For Colorado Bike Month, Smart Commute is sharing short inspirations from real people about why they bike to work now, or why they biked to work at a previous position.

Today’s bike-spiration is from Stephen P. who works at Vendavo, and now combines biking with the bus.

“When I began working in the same small town I live in, commuting by bike was just the obvious choice. It was so short that I didn’t break a sweat, and it only took a couple minutes longer than going by car. Colorado’s fickle weather presented the biggest challenges, braving driving rains and learning where ice patches tended to develop. Changing employers last year, I now commute to Denver, which makes bicycling in a far more difficult undertaking. Instead, connecting bike with bus is an ideal combination.”

Jodelle crafted an excellent bike-haiku (bi-ku!) to share:

Much longer distance;
My commute was two miles;
Now it is twenty