The Switchable HOV Transponder

The Switchable HOV Transponder

In mid-2015, CDOT implemented a new policy on the I-25 and US-36 HOV Express Lanes:  anyone using the HOV lane for free needed to create an ExpressToll account ($35) and get a “Switchable HOV Transponder” ($15, taken from the $35 account balance).  (Update as of April 2017 – “HOV-purists,” or people who only ride as an HOV vehicle, not a toll vehicle, can now get a transponder for free, read the update).

switchable transponderThe new policy raised significant concerns, and CDOT has been working with stakeholders ever since to develop a compromise.  Recognizing that carpoolers are making a more efficient choice when they use I-25, and that purchasing a transponder and setting up an ExpressToll account can be a barrier, CDOT is half-way through implementing a solution.  From CDOT:

“If drivers plan to carpool only (we call these drivers “HOV purists”), they will be able to receive the $15 switchable HOV transponder for free in spring 2017 as another way to help ease the transition. HOV purists who have already purchased the Switchable HOV Transponders will be reimbursed if they call ExpressToll to cancel their account.”

For “HOV purists,” this is good news.  You can keep an eye on the developing policy on CDOT’s Express Lanes page.

If you are interested in getting a switchable transponder now, you can set up an account at the ExpressToll website.  If you are creating a new account, the cost is $35 to set up an account, and as you enter your information, you’ll be able to identify that you would like to get a Switchable HOV Transponder.