The Smart Commuter – 2020 In Numbers

The Smart Commuter – 2020 In Numbers

Get reintroduced to Smart Commute, by the numbers, including a truly shocking number at the bottom — read on!
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December 2020 | 2020 Year-In-Review

The Smart Commuter

Celebrating 2020 In Numbers | FlexRide First Anniversary | N Line Commuter Rail Opening | North Area Transportation Alliance Leave-Behind | Karen Stuart Honored by WTS | TransForum More Accessible Than Ever | N Line Commemorative Book | Third Annual North Metro Commute Survey | Smart Commute’s Mission | A Smart Commute Staff Member Earns Credentials | and news to peruse — read on!
2020 has been a year unlike any other.  And, like most other organizations, Smart Commute needed to constantly evolve our work to make sure we were providing the informationaction and advocacy we commit to as our promise to the communities we serve.  We look forward to sharing with you:

2020:  In Numbers


144th FlexRide Anniversary:  Smart Commute’s grant-funded flexible transit project showed ridership gains in its first year of service, directly serving essential workers.  This project was assembled with strong stakeholder engagement, and continues to demonstrate that thoughtful transit can work, even in the middle of a worldwide pandemic.  Learn more about the 144th FlexRide on the Smart Commute Website.

N Line Commuter Rail Opening:  Anticipated since 2004, and in construction since 2014, the N Line Commuter Rail opened September 21, 2020, despite social distancing and a depressed economy.

Until March 27, 2021, riders pay local fare, regardless of which station they board.  Learn more about the N Line on the Smart Commute Website.

North Area Transportation Alliance Leave-Behind:  This months-long collaborative project highlights a unified vision of transportation in the north metro, identifies specific transportation projects and improvements that are important to the entire north metro region, and details how the coalition of all 13 local jurisdictions in the north metro area work together with a common voice. Read the Leave Behind on the NATA Website.
WTS Honors Karen Stuart:  In November 2020, WTS honored Smart Commute Executive Director, Karen Stuart, for her longstanding commitment to transportation in our region and her continual leadership, which has grown from a local level to representing transportation interests across the state as the Chair of the Colorado Transportation Commission.  Watch the WTS Webinar Honoring Karen, and Karen’s presentation about the 144th FlexRide.
Most Accessible and Open TransForum Ever:  With over 100 live attendees, and growing online views, this TransForum helped to make transportation experts more accessible and provide a wider pool of local stakeholders with the opportunity to avail themselves of this expertise. Watch TransForum 2020 online now.

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First-Of-Its-Kind FasTracks Commemorative Book:  Smart Commute assembled a commemorative book showing the full evolution of the North Metro Commuter Rail Project, from the history of the rail line, to the FasTracks ballot measure, all the way through groundbreaking to ribbon cutting.  This is the first of its kind to document a FasTracks project in this way. See the Commemorative Book online.
Third Annual North Metro Commute Survey:  Smart Commute continued to see strong engagement and participation in our annual commuter survey, with 2020 Results showing an expected shift from the normal.  Download the full report on the Smart Commute website.
Founded in 2012 by the local elected officials representing every community in the north metro, Smart Commute continues to work in support of our mission:Smart Commute Metro North works with communities and businesses to promote transportation options and improvements, foster economic vitality and enhance mobility in the metro north region.

Smart Commute’s five staff members, along with our nine board members,  feature a final number to help frame much of the work that Smart Commute has done in 2020, and has continued to do over the eight years of our existence.

Happy Holidays from Karen, Carson, Jeanne, Tammy and Catherine!

Now in our ninth year, Smart Commute will continue our commitment to our local community.  Transportation is the backbone of our social, economic, and recreational lives.

Safe journeys in this holiday season and in the year ahead!

And, last but not least, I (Catherine Sanders) am pleased to share that I recently earned my credentials as a Transportation Demand Management Certified Professional.  I’m happy to continue dedicating my skills to Smart Commute, which does so much amazing work, as detailed above.