Upcycle Your Leftover Bike to Work Day Posters

Upcycle Your Leftover Bike to Work Day Posters

Bike to Work Day is in the past! We had over 20K people register to participate (and that’s not even counting the people who rode that didn’t register). Hundreds of employers also registered to participate in the Denver Business Journal’s Business Challenge.

If you still have your Bike to Work Day posters, we have a couple different ideas about how you can upcycle them into new, ultra-useable items, including a commuter rack for bike maps, RTD schedules, and more!

Commuter Rack (template created by Smart Commute!)

This rack will take you about 20 minutes to build or less – consider having this project ready to go during your next webinar, to keep your hands busy while you listen!

Step one: Feed your old posters through your laser printer with this template.  Cut along all of the solid lines on the template. This includes the smaller cut lines in the middle–these are the slots you will insert each of the tabs in to.

Step two: Next, fold along each of the dotted lines. This will create three L shaped pieces (these are the shelves) and one bigger, square shaped piece (this is the back of the rack).

Step three: Insert each of the tabs on the L shaped pieces into the slots that they line up with on the back of the rack, as shown here.








Step four: Once you have inserted each of the tabs in their respective slot, and secured the ones in the back, tape the last square piece to the bottom of your rack. In four easy steps–you have completed rack!

We have included a template for the rack here: BTWDcommuterrack.pdf

Print this template on the back of your Bike to Work Day Poster and have fun!


For something a little simpler, try cutting up your posters and creating bookmarks. Because this year’s Bike to Work Day poster design was so fun and interesting, every bookmark can be unique!

Choose your favorite colors and patterns from the poster and cut a bookmark for your next read.


Don’t be so hasty to throw away those old Bike to Work Day Posters! Continue to celebrate healthy commutes with either of these ideas–or come up with an idea of your own. Happy upcycling!