What is vanpooling?

Vanpooling is a formal arrangement offered only through a few regional programs: Way to Go (Denver Metro), VanGo (Fort Collins), and MetroRides (Colorado Springs).

These three vanpool programs provide vanpoolers with a vehicle, which is insured and maintained by the program. Vanpoolers then pay a monthly fare. While the price  vanpoolers pay will vary based on their route and mileage, vanpoolers who travel at least 15 miles to get to work always save money compared to the costs of carpooling.

Interested in an estimate? Contact Carson Priest.


Look for a Vanpool

There are hundreds of vanpools already on the road. You can search for an existing vanpool for your commute using My Way to Go, a one-stop shop for regional commute information.

Form a New Vanpool Group

If you have 4 – 5 commuters who share a similar commute, you can form a vanpool. Contact us to get a quote.


See all the operating vanpools in the Denver metro area on one map, including vanpools from VanGo (Fort Collins), Way to Go (Denver Metro), and Metro Rides (Colorado Springs).