Wagon Road & 144th Ave. FlexRide

Wagon Road & 144th Ave. FlexRide


Current 144th FlexRide WEEKDAY Schedule beginning December 1, 2020


Current 144th FlexRide SATURDAY Schedule beginning June 1, 2020


Should you have any questions about the service, please call 144th FlexRide Customer Service at 720.263.0106.

Special Christmas Eve Amazon DEN3 Service:

144th FLEX COVID-19 Temporary Service Change Updates: 

COVID-19 Service Updates
Starting on Saturday, May 9 the Denver Premium Outlets will be open to customers while practicing safe social distancing protocols. The schedule is as follows: Monday – Friday from 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM and Sunday from 12:00 PM – 6:00 PM. The FlexRide will still be available at an on-demand basis for passengers at the Denver Premium Outlets.

Starting April 19, 2020, the 144th FlexRide Weekday schedule from Wagon Road Park-n-Ride is as follows: in the morning, the first bus leaves at 5:00 AM and the last bust leaves at 10:00 AM, and in the afternoon the first bus leaves at 4:00 PM and the last bus leaves at 9:00 PM. As a reminder, all RTD services (including this FlexRide) are not collecting fares during the COVID-19 crisis as a way to minimize driver and rider interactions. Boarding the FlexRide at the Park-n-Ride does not require a reservation. Please disregard the “regular” FlexRide schedule below.

As of April 6, 2020, the 144th FlexRide will not pick-up/drop-off passengers at the Denver Premium Outlets Bus Plaza. This temporary service adjustment is due to the short-term closure of the Denver Premium outlets because of COVID-19 (https://temporarilyclosedcovid-19updat.splashthat.com/). The shuttle bus can still pick-up and drop-off passengers along Grant Street near the Outlet’s access road should passengers need transportation to the Outlets. Just inform the driver if you need a ride to the Outlets.

Smart Commute is providing this link (https://viacolorado.org/covid-19/), published by the 144th FlexRide shuttle service provider, regarding safety and disinfecting measures being taken to address COVID-19 concerns on shuttles and at their facilities.


How can I connect to other RTD bus routes?
 You will be able to transfer to this FlexRide at the Wagon Road Park-n-Ride on 120th Ave. and Huron Street. The following routes all stop at Wagon Road: 120X, 122X, 8, 12, 120, 128, AA, and the Thornton FlexRide.

How and where do I catch this new FlexRide service?
See the map below for the Gathering Point locations to catch the FlexRide. The Service Schedule shows pick-up times by gathering point.

How often will it pick up/drop off from my place of employment?
Due to COVID, the weekday bus service is between 5:05 am-10:18 am and from 4:05 pm-9:18 pm.   The bus has time points at Amazon and Wagon Road Park & Ride with all other trips within the service area being on-demand during these hours. On Saturdays, the bus is scheduled to pick up at each Gathering Point every 20 minutes during peak service hours (4:50 am – 8:45 am and 5:30 pm – 9:45 pm), On-demand service is available between 8:45 am and 5:30 pm.  

How can I pay?
The shuttle can accept all RTD fare media, including exact cash. If you provide cash and need a transfer ticket that is valid throughout the entire RTD system, please ask your driver for one. (Example transfer ticket)

What days is this FlexRide service unavailable?
The service does not operate on Sunday or RTD observed holidays, including the following: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

Sounds great! But what if I have a problem?
For service-related problems, call 720-263-0106. 



Gathering Point Locations